The Read Model

Saving Aggregate state is fun and all, but we can’t ONLY do that. There’s that one important piece of our Use Case(s) that we are forgetting… Nick actually using the app. Nick needs to make decisions based on the state of the Aggregates in the system. Remember Brandolini’s “Picture that Explains Everything”…

Brandolini mentions in his talk The Precision Blade that the goal of EventStorming is to model a flow of decisions. In order for Nick and his Customers to make decisions, they’re going to be looking at data in different ways. They’re going to be looking at Aggregates like RoastSchedule with a bias for making a decision for their own benefit, not simply any old representation of Aggregate data.

This is where the CQRS Read Model comes into play. Since we have Event Sourced our RoastSchedule Aggregate, how are we going to show Nick his newly created Roast Schedule?

Let’s take inventory of what we’ve already created…

We can look at these components as our CQRS Write Model: Commands -> Aggregate -> Events -> Event Sourced Repository.

With our Read Model (a.k.a. Query Model) we decouple the reading of data from the Commands -> Aggregate writing of data. The Read Model isn’t responsible for changing state. This decoupling is what allows the possibility of Polyglot Data (Greg Young). Polyglot Data is our ticket to being able to cater our Read Model for the decisions that the User needs to make.

Do we need the CEO to hook a pivot table up to a SQL Server SSAS Cube so they can slice and dice bookings for the last two years? Do we have deep graphs of objects that would be really inefficient to store in SQL, but would be perfect for neo4j? Are we doing several joins just to get to the point where we can show a record on a web page? Decoupling our Write Side and Domain Model from our Read Side allows us to do these things, and is a good selling point for employing CQRS in some parts of our architecture.

For the tactical implementation of our Read Model, there are a couple more components that we’ll need to talk about, including Projections and the Bus. So stay tuned!

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