Where do you find resources for learning DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, and EventStorming?

Learning Domain-Driven Design is a tough and rewarding adventure…

You only have so much time and money to dedicate to reading a 500+ book on Domain-Driven Design. The decision of where to start your learning commitment can be paralyzing.

Just like the decision to make the learning is hard, so is putting tactical design into practice. How are you supposed to structure your first project? Where can you find code samples that demonstrate working with a similar domain as yours?

Which learning path do you commit to?

Based on what you’ve heard about DDD, the benefits are absolutely real. But where do you get help moving forward from where you are in becoming a DDD expert?

What if you were more confident in your DDD/CQRS/ES learning path?

What if you had a one-stop-shop with up-to-date resources, sample projects, blogs, forums, and mailing lists to help you understand how to apply DDD/CQRS/ES concepts to your real-life coding?

What if you had a good list of various resources where you could explore DDD/CQRS/ES and then commit to reading through one of the canonical DDD books?

What if you had a hand-picked list of sample projects to help you plan how you’re going to structure your first practice DDD application? You’d be able to quickly move past technical concerns and stay focused on building your skills in modeling and developing the ubiquitous language.

What if you knew where to ask the right questions from experts in the field who have worked with your kind of domain before?

What if you had all this in one, familiar website?

Reading the Domain-Driven Design “canons” is not trivial

By all means you should read Eric Evan’s “Domain-Driven Design” or Vaughn Vernon’s “Implementing Domain-Driven Design.” But this is not a trivial effort. Having good supplemental material in various formats can help you truly digest these books and get results ASAP.

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Gain access to a master list of resources for DDD/CQRS/ES with Awesome Domain-Driven Design. Find out about the latest books, training courses, videos, sample projects, and libraries to help you facilitate your DDD/CQRS/ES mastery.

Choose your own adventure

You’ll have access to a hand-picked list of links to various resources from the masterminds behind these modern software architecture concepts. You’ll be able to choose-your-own-adventure as you move forward on your path.

Achieve DDD/CQRS/ES awesomeness

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