As Nick and the Team continue, they discover that within the two Bounded Contexts that have emerged through the exercise - there are various concepts of Inventory. A purple stickie goes up: “What are the different kinds of ‘Inventory’ we are dealing with?”

Another form of separation starts to show itself between the first two “Inventories” listed above. There is Physical Green Bean Inventory that Nick receives through Shipping and sits in storage, and there’s the Allocated Roast Schedule Inventory which is reduced as Customers buy Coffee and he roasts it for them.

The Team, again, starts to see separate Bounded Contexts emerge within the Domain. There’s the concept of Physical Inventory Management - Nick’s Physical Green Bean Inventory that fluctuates as he orders and receives Green Beans into storage. Then there’s Nick’s Roast Planning Inventory - The Green Bean Inventory that Nick can Allocate to his Roast Schedule safely, without scheduling and selling more Green Beans than he can roast.

As they discuss this separation, Nick and the Team agree that there is a separation between what Nick has in storage and what he can allocate and roast. He may allocate Green Beans to his future Roast Schedule, reducing his Unallocated Physical Green Bean Inventory, but his Physical Inventory stays the same.

These new terms in the Ubiquitous Language can be incorporated in the EventStorming session:

In addition to these concepts of Inventory in the new Bounded Contexts (Physical Inventory Management and Roast Planning) that are emerging, Nick and Team can also address the concept of Available Coffee for Sale in the Customer Bounded Context that emerged above. They start calling it the Customer Bounded Context, however there is a likelihood that it will be further broken down into finer-grained Bounded Contexts as they move forward.

More Events go up on the surface, more Hotspots, and here’s where we are:

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