Big Picture EventStorming

The Team helping Nick get his website going begins with an EventStorming session. This is so that both the software Team and Nick can get their heads wrapped around the Core Domain and make sure they are writing the right code. It’s essential that Nick uses 3rd party for the code the Team shouldn’t be writing because he has a limited budget.

This is EventStorming session is called the Big Picture event and it will be the first of a few EventStorming sessions while they develop the Ubiquitous Language and Context Map for the system.

I won’t define a lot of terms for DDD or EventStorming. I want the reader to do the homework for term definitions. What I’ll be doing is using capitalization to do 2 things:

I want to focus on end goals. At this point, we’re trying to achieve a working Context Map that we can prototype quickly so that Nick can evaluate whether the Team is on the right track with his business plan.

Our first Domain Event: “Coffee Purchased”

The Team asks Nick to think of an event that will happen in the core of his business. He wants to be very customer-focused, so he writes Coffee Purchased on an orange stickie and slaps it up on the board. This is what he’s hoping for the most, obviously.

What else is he envisioning as core to his business? There’s the idea of his “Roast Schedule” so he puts Roast Schedule Created as another Domain Event. In order for him to make good decisions while he plans his Roast Schedule, he’ll have to monitor his Inventory of green, un-roasted coffee beans. So the next Domain Event: Inventory Checked.


Minus a couple periods of silence, broken by the Team putting a random Domain Event up on the wall (a technique used by Event Stormers coined “Icebreaker”), the Team continues to fill in a timeline of Events across Nick’s roast-to-order business domain.

As Nick and the Team start putting more Domain Events on the EventStorming surface, questions or “Hot Spots” start to emerge:

We always note them on purple stickies and slap them on the wall near their respective Domain Events.

Terms that Nick defines as a Domain Expert start to emerge:

Unlimited space

Whether or not we find ourselves running out of space, we want to avoid even the perception that there is a limited space on our Modeling Surface. As soon as the Team sees the potential for running out of room on their initial paper, they add as much additional space as they can…

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