People and Commands

Nick and the Team have put up enough Domain Events on the Big Picture Surface to start thinking about the Commands that cause these Events. As you might expect, having sufficient space is going to be important since many of the Events are triggered by some type of Command (some by other Events).

Here is a legend representing the additional stickies going up on the surface:

As a starting point reference, here’s what the Surface looks like.

The Team is still kind of fuzzy on the concept of Physical Inventory and Allocated Roasted Coffee Inventory, but they note it as a purple stickie (“Hotspot”).

The momentum picks up as Nick and the Team add Commands to the design surface, keeping an eye on any insights that they have missed while focusing on Domain Events.

One concept emerges that no one had thought about. The Team suggested that Nick not focus on a custom application for Shipping. This is not the Context that contributes a lot of competitive advantage to his business and can be accomplished by 3rd party tools like Shopify (more on this later).

However, Nick does not want to be bogged down with the overhead of going through every Order when he’s done Roasting to make sure he’s followed the right steps to Ship the Roasted Coffee to the Customer. He’s hoping to have a way to at least go down his Roast Day Itinerary and make sure he’s processed every order perfectly. He also needs to think about Dissatisfied Customers when something doesn’t go right.

Whether or not Nick and Team agree on using a 3rd party tool for Shipping and Customer Service Bounded Contexts, Nick’s “sanity checking” Order Fulfillment Bounded Context may contribute to Nick’s competitive advantage enough to consider designing it from scratch. The Team takes note with a purple stickie and moves on.

After lengthy discussion, breaks, and an additional session, Nick and the Team have a Big Picture “Artifact” to work with. The following figures show the progression:

Here’s what Nick and the Team end up with at the end of their Big Picture EventStorming session(s):

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