Stuck in a nightmare of awful, smelly, legacy code?…

Maybe you just graduated and found your first software engineering job, only to find that you’re be fixing bugs in legacy code all day.

Maybe you left a job full of bureaucracy and outdated technology for a startup, only to find the code to be even more nightmarish than before.

Maybe you inherited an application that you have to a add a bunch of features too, only to find no comments, no documentation, no unit tests, 2000-8000 line classes, 200-300 line methods, methods with 20 arguments, etc.

The helplessness of inheriting shitty code

Fixing bugs in code you’ve never seen before sucks. You feel like it takes you forever to close a ticket because of how little you know about the system. All of the former developers are likely gone, so you have no one to ask about the code.

You get stuck on bugs for more than a week at a time. Your superiors get angry, and you don’t show any progress.

Yea right… unit tests!?!?

Having a couple unit tests would be a dream come true. But the code is spaghetti. Looking at it makes you sick.

Other developers suggest you start writing tests, or at least tell you how sorry they are that you don’t have them. You would have to do a major overhaul each time you wanted to write a test, it would never end!

What if you could break free of this legacy nightmare?

What if you could use legacy code to show everyone how badass you are? What if your legacy code skills made you stand out from the rest of your team as someone who is reliable - someone who can ramp up to an unfamiliar codebase effortlessly?

What if you could do the impossible with legacy code? What if you could take ownership of whatever code and immediately start shipping?

What if it didn’t matter how old/new, beautiful/shitty the code was, you could add features to it right out of the gate… as soon as you saw the code? What if you could quickly understand legacy code and get right to work improving it.

What if you didn’t need documentation or other developers to understand the code? What if you had a simple and effective strategy for building your understanding of it?

What if you had a strategy for squashing even the ugliest legacy bugs? Your superiors would be blown away. You’d be the top choice for that next greenfield project you want to be working on.

What if you had a strategy to add unit tests to the worst spaghetti code. You would see every line as an opportunity to write solid tests and make unbelievable refactorings. You would be a refactoring acrobat.

What if you could start building the skills for fixing bugs, adding features, and refactoring legacy code today?

No more digging through logs to understand your codebase

When all you have is logs, fixing a bug is like finding a needle in a haystack. Forget about logs, find the root cause of bugs faster than anyone on your team. Find out how everything works before your teammates set a single breakpoint.

Fix bugs, ship features, and refactor legacy code from Day 1 with my book - Intuitive Testing with Legacy Code

Add value to the code while continuing to learn new techniques and skills that advance your career. Impress your superiors with how quickly you can ship under any circumstances.

Learn practical techniques for testing legacy code

You’ll learn intuitive testing techniques that you can apply to any project you’re working on.

You’ll get:

Start building your legacy code intuition today

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