Just starting out with Domain Driven Design?

You’re just getting into Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS), and Event Sourcing (ES) and most of the overall principles are clear… but as soon as you start using them in your own domain - everything becomes a decision-making nightmare…

You start having conceptual problems modeling your application. Your model starts to get polluted. You don’t know if your Aggregates are reasonable. You don’t know if your Bounded Contexts are the right size.

The rules aren’t always so cut-and-dry

You know that if you just follow the tenets of DDD, your Bounded Contexts and Aggregates will flourish and live well into the future - but your domain is different. Your business has unique requirements that Eric Evans didn’t address in his book…

What if making decisions about how to apply DDD were easy?

What if you always made the best decisions you could make when it came to using DDD? What if you always had a methodical and well-planned approach to using DDD for your project?

What if when you modeled your domain, you always set yourself up for having a clean and unpolluted model?

What if there was never a question about the appropriateness of your Bounded Contexts and Aggregates? The number and size of your Bounded Contexts would be just the right size and shape for the domain.

What if you could develop these DDD skills on a weekly basis - just by checking your email?

Become adaptive to your domain

It’s true, DDD doesn’t have a clear-cut answer for every decision you make when you’re starting out with it… but you can build the skills to adapt DDD to the unique challenges that you encounter in your domain.

Be an awesome DDD practitioner

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